linx altus

Total Recall VR LinX Altus is a professional, hybrid and standalone voice logging and call recording system with very high analogue and VoIP recording channel density suitable for hybrid analogue, VoIP, RoIP, RTP and AoIP audio logging and call recording applications.


This model is capable of recording:


  • Calls on analogue lines via a high impedance (Hi-Z) analogue line tap.
  • Audio from any line level analogue audio source.
  • SIP sessions (calls) via SPAN port.
  • H.323 calls via SPAN port.
  • Unicast RTP streams via SPAN port.
  • Multicast RTP streams via SPAN port.
  • Unicast RTP streams via UDP port.
  • DMR recording via Tait VRP.
  • DMR recording via Hytera HDAP.
  • The maximum recording channel capacity of this model is:
    • 72 analogue recording channels; or
    • 30 VoIP recording channels; or
    • 72 analogue plus 30 VoIP recording channels in any combination.
Brochure TR Linx Altus
TRVR-LinX-Altus Brochure.pdf
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